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How it all started:

Having all been World Class competitors until recent years, Jonathan Crossley, Lyn Marriner and Tony & Amanda Dokman felt that there was a lack of really inspiring practises and workshops in England before some of the major Competitions. Therefore they took on the task of organising these weekends, hoping to prepare and inspire the couples for their upcoming competitions in a way that they themselves would have all loved.

The inaugural weekend in May 2011 was a huge success and now Tony, Amanda and Jonathan have held more than 16 Prep Camps with over 2000 Dancers attending the weekends since 2011! 
C&D hold these weekends twice a year (before the UK Championships and Freedom to Dance/Blackpool Dance Festival and they are often sold out due to such high demand!
Please remember to get your entries in early to avoid disappointment as for each weekend entries have to now be limited!


One-Two full days (One day for the UK Camp and Two for the FTD Camp)of practise sessions and workshops. Organised by Jonathan Crossley and Tony & Amanda Dokman to fully prepare you for the big competitions in the dancer's diaries.

For the UK Preparation Weekends Joe Petitt and the Len Philips Big Band plays for you to create the best possible stamina practise before the UK Championships!
Our FTD Dancecamp is held at Copthrone Effingham Park Hotel near Gatwick (The days before Freedom to Dance) with Tony, Amanda, Jonathan and John Wood. The Wonderful Len Phillips Big Band will again play for you. 


To give you an idea of times for the UK camp the Saturday runs from approximately 10:30 a.m. until around 17:30 p.m.
For the FTD Dancecamp the first day will run from around 1pm and the second day will runfrom 10am until approximately 3pm. This is all approximate.
A more definite start and finish time will be published and forwarded to you in the week before each event.


UK Camp; Food and drink can be purchased nearby. The cafeteria within the Spirella is currently closed. 
FTD Camp; Food is available to purchase within the Hotel. 


IMPORTANT: The One Day UK Camp is £220 per couple. The Two Day FTD Camp is £320. 

(Please note that should you choose to pay online for either camp there is an addition charge of £15)